Are you in the market for a new weed whacker? Before buying one after doing your search at it’s important to know which steps will help you to operate the power tool as effective as possible. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Check the power source

These are important steps before you start using the unit. If you’re using a gas-powered weed eater make sure it’s juiced up with enough gas. An electric unit should be plugged in and make sure you have enough extension cord to do all trimming you have to do. Finally, if your string trimmer has a battery verify that it has enough juice for the task at hand.


This is one of the most basic yet critical steps to take when operating a weed eater. The reason is it will make sure you have enough juice from start to finish. You won’t want to run into problems while you’re in the middle of the job. Taking a few minutes to check the unit’s power source will help to avoid having no power when you’re in the middle trimming a yard or garden.


  1. Leave about 2 inches of weed left

It’s important not to cut the weed down to the ground. The main issue is that you’ll be kicking up dirt and you’ll likely damage the unit’s string. It’s better to leave about 2 inches left so you can avoid making a mess and save your machine’s nylon string.


It’s critical to preserve the cutting string as long as possible. One way to do that is to make sure you’re not “cutting” things like dirt and rocks, which can cause the string to be damaged quickly. Avoid that situation by only cutting weeds and similar plants.


  1. Remove big rocks in the area

This is an important step because they can wear down the cutting thread faster, which can require the need to replace it soon. That’s likely a situation you’ll want to avoid. A weed whacker tends to require little maintenance and repairs.


On the other hand, one of the biggest issues to watch out for is obstacles that could wear down the nylon string. There are various ones to watch out for but rocks are certainly one of the main ones you should watch out for. Removing big rocks before you get started can save a lot of potential problems. It should also be noted that if the string hits a rock it could also fly towards you, which could create a safety issue depending on the size of the rock. So make sure to check the area for rocks to avoid potential issues.


  1. Move in a forward, side-by-side direction

It’s important to use the right movement when you’re operating the weed eater. The best one is to keep moving forward and move the tool side to side. It’s also important that you operate the unit in a steady way. This will help to produce the best results.


It’s critical to use this same movement unless there are any problems. For example, if the string seems to be snagged then it’s important to check the unit to make sure that everything is OK. There are times that the string might struggle a bit when trimming a thick weed, for example. On the other hand, if it gets wrapped around a rock, for example, it’s time to check if anything is wrong.


  1. Take a break if your feel tired/sore

This is especially important if you have some health issues or it’s a very hot/humid day. Operating a string trimmer doesn’t require as much energy as a lawn mower, for example, but it’s still important not to over-exert yourself.

If you feel overly sore or tired when operating the weed whacker it’s time to rest for a while and regain your strength. In the case that you’re experiencing too much pain or exhaustion to continue it’s important to stop immediately and rest until you regain your strength.


  1. Use more string for thicker weeds

When you inspect the area before using the weed whacker it’s important to check to see how thick the weeds are. In the case that they’re thicker than average you should consider using more string to cut them. Some units let you make the adjustment with the press of a button, while others require you to let out more string manually.


The key is to make sure you have enough string to boost the cutting power of your string trimmer. That in turn will help your lawn or garden to look as good as possible and keep you as safe and comfy as possible during the process.


These are some helpful tips to make sure you’re using the weed eater in a safe and effective way. It will help to spruce up your lawn or garden quickly and efficiently.